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NOTE :  After your purchase you will be sent and email the link to the course. If you do not recieve the link to the course  within 24 -48  hours please contact us (855) 923-8849  option 2 (also call with any questions you have about the course)

Whats in Marketing Course

  • Branding (logo)

  • Separate personal and business social media

  • Get Twitter. Fb like. Instagram. All under your business name. 

  • Geting you YouTube banner done for $20.00

  • Free Facebook marketing strategies. Targeting. Getting in the right groups. Friend request. Maxing our friends list. Merging pages. 

  • Free YouTube strategies how to monetize. No cursing.

  • Free Instagram strategies. 

  • Slogan (how to create)

  • Design pamphlet fiver

  • Make them vista print

  • How to distribute flyers. 

  • Business cards vista print and checks 

  • White board animation 

  • Script Voice over 

  • Facebook ad strategy 

  • Reviews before and after  

  • post no push equals failure

  • Maintenance and Operation Accounts.

  • Get your pens mugs mouse pads for cheap prices. 

  • Website choosing the right host. 

  • Email marketing and upsaling. 

  • Why it’s better not to use your name in your business.  

  • Learning to find people that need your service. 

  • Looking the part. Email signature worn privacy policy and logo. Also uniforms. 

  • Don’t start off charging what you’re worth

  • How to talk to customers. 

  • Getting licensed and approval to be a reseller. 

  • Go live and getting best results. 

  • Over saturated markets. 

  • Vendor booths 

  • Monitor the competition and learn to cross promote and advertise 

Bonus Material

  • Creating A Landing Page

  • Outsourcing

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