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Business Course

Topics this course will cover

  • Starting a business

  • What is business credit ?

  • How to make your business look established

  • How to check to see if your business name is taken

  • How to get a virtual Address

  • Business phone number

  • Web domain

  • Start a website

  • point dns to host

  • L.L.C

  • E.I.N

  • Bank account

  • Duns number

  • Paydex score

  • Net 30 and 60

  • Get listed

  • Why you should NOT get a personal guarantee 

  • Business credit not like personal. 

  • Start building credit tiers 1-3 (Vendor, Store, & Cash)

Watch Videos

Whats Covered in The Course

Business 101 Course- Khartoum Goodwin


NOTE :  After your purchase you will be sent and email the link to the course. If you do not recieve the link to the course  within 24 -48  hours please contact us (855) 923-8849  option 2 (also call with any questions you have about the course)

Bonus Material

  • What is a vanity number

  • Key terms list 

  • Prices for all services needed

  • Business Credit Checklist

  • How to use Smart Receipts (Free App to track business Expenses)

  • Cost of L.L.C in Each State (New)

  • Business Vendors (New)

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