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What is YBETV?

What we offer

How to maintain a
healthy lifestyle


 How to start a
truck driving business
Relationship advice
How to fix
your credit
and more

Business Set Up

(We Don't Set Up LLC)



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Timothy Wilson

The course was full of information and I love the phone number and email that Y.B.E.T.V set up for me it works great..

Very informative. Detailed. And interesting points given. I began a "Build a Business" process years ago. But the small business rep didn't give much guidance. I'll use the information here and apply it to the endeavor. Thanks for reaching out. God bless your ministry YBETV✊

Dnice Jackson

I purchased the course today thank you very much me and my husband is starting our own trucking business and this is a great guide and order to do things right the first time around so than you once again


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